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Undergraduate  program


The Department of Language and Creative Writing has two divisions:Division of Language Education and Division of Creative Writing. The curriculum covers a variety of courses, including elementary language education, creative writing, ancient and modern literary studies, teaching Chinese as a second language, and editing and interviewing, in both research and practice. The department also provides internship opportunities in the Reading and Writing Center. Moreover, the department has a prestigious faculty, which includes famous novelists, writers, poets, and scholars.


Master program
【 Master’s Program】
1. The courses in the program integrate theories and practices of language teaching and creative writing with the extensive exploration of language education, literary creation, and the aesthetics of literary research in elementary schools in response to the needs and expectations of the trends in education and the workplace.
2. The program aims to enhance the integration of language and creative writing. Through the curriculum, graduate students can conduct independent research to enhance their abilities in academic theory and practical performance effectively.
3. The program is designed to enhance language proficiency and creative writing, hoping through establishing a series of courses and accumulating experience in research projects.
【 Master’s Program in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language】
1. The courses in the program integrate the theories and practices of Chinese language teaching to enhance the development of linguistic, literary, cultural, learning, and teaching literacy in response to the trends of Chinese language education and international education and career expectations.
2. The program's courses are designed to strengthen the integration of related fields in Chinese language education so that graduate students can conduct independent research and enhance their capacity for academic theories and teaching.
3. Through a series of learning and research courses, the essence and practical effectiveness of Chinese language education and research is strengthened to enhance the proficiency of Chinese language education.
【In-Service Master Program of Department of Language and Creative Writing】
The goals of In-service Master Program of the Department of Language and Creative Writing are as follows:
1. To strengthen the cultivation of teaching, creation and literature on the basis of the bachelor.
2. To deepen the foundation and extend the characteristics of language teaching and creation.
3. To steady the research and development of teaching materials for language teaching.
4. To pay attention on teaching achievements in Chinese-speaking areas and construct new thinking on language teaching.
5. To train excellent language workers on diversified development of language applications.

Doctoral program

【Ph.D Program on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in the Department of Language and Creative Writing】
1. In response to the growing global demand for Chinese language teachers, develop and promote Chinese language teacher education programs internationally.
2. Through the special courses in Chinese, cultivate advanced Chinese language teachers with theoretical and practical skills.
3. With the Chinese language and culture as the foundation, cultivate Chinese language teachers with solid language skills.
4. In response to local needs, develop diverse teaching materials and approaches, and cultivate Chinese language teachers who can apply the theories to local education.
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